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MobileHelp offers easy to use medical alert products and services for those wanting to age in place. They have six package plans that can easily integrate into your life for peace of mind and continual freedom. MobileHelp gives you access to fast and direct emergency response services should you need them. MobileHelp helps customers feel comfortable living in their own homes again without fear of being alone in an emergency.

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Products & Services

MobileHelp Classic

MobileHelp Classic
  • In-home, cellular emergency device (no landline needed)
  • Wearable signaling devices with 600 ft. of range
  • AC power with ability to run on battery after charging
  • Two-way communication
  • Optional fall detection
  • Optional medication reminders

MobileHelps’ Classic Package comes with an easy-to-use base station that hooks up through cellular services, giving you quick and direct access to emergency responders should you need them. It also comes with a neck pendant for emergencies when you are too far to reach the base station. The neck pendant is waterproof, so it can be worn in the shower to make sure you have access to help anywhere.

With the Classic Package, you can also choose to pay extra for fall detection services and the Fall Button pendant. The fall button pendant is similar to the neck pendant, but it can automatically detect if someone has fallen. Like most of MobileHelp’s products, you can also choose medication reminders that notify you through the device’s speakers. The device’s volume is adjustable to meet your needs. In the case of an emergency, responders will try to communicate through the system. Emergency responders will be dispatched and notify any contacts programmed into the device if responders can’t hear or understand you.

MobileHelp Wired Home

MobileHelp Medical Alert Systems
  • Landline connection
  • Wearable signaling device with 1,300 ft. of range
  • Two-way communication
  • Optional fall button

The Wired Home package from MobileHelp does require a landline as it uses a wired connection to contact MobileHelps’ response operators. It covers up to 1,300 feet of signal range, giving the user the ability to stay in a broader home range. This package also includes a wearable emergency button pendant. You can choose which wearable pendant style you would like between a wristband or a lanyard. Wired Home is the most straightforward package that MobileHelp offers with just the two devices. It is easy to install and easy to use for everyone from caregivers to seniors. This package also gives you the option to add fall detection and a fall button, for an additional fee, if the service is needed.

MobileHelp Solo

MobileHelp Solo
  • Cellular mobile emergency device for on-the-go use
  • Wearable device has 350 ft. of range
  • Cradle charger with AC power
  • Two-way communication
  • Two-way communication
  • GPS tracking
  • Waterproof
  • Optional fall detection

The MobileHelp Solo start’s off the On-The-Go collection of MobileHelps’ packages. This package includes one on-the-go, chargeable unit that can be used in the house or while you are out and about and a waterproof, wearable emergency pendant. Both of the devices in this package give you easy access to help as soon as you need it. The Solo device has a strong microphone that allows you to speak directly to a MobileHelp operator when you need assistance. The pendant will also work when you are within 350 feet of the on the go device itself.

MobileHelp created this package as an easy way to help give a little more freedom back to seniors who are still on the move. This device uses GPS tracking to let the operators know where you are if you need assistance.

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MobileHelp Duo

Mobile Duo
  • In-home, cellular emergency device with 600 ft. of range (no landline needed)
  • Base station uses AC power with the ability to run on battery after charging
  • Cellular mobile emergency device for on-the-go use and 350 ft. of signaling range
  • Mobile device with cradle charger runs on AC power or USB
  • Mobile GPS tracking
  • Two-way communication for both devices
  • Optional fall detection

If you are looking for complete protection from a medical alert system, the MobileHelp Duo has you covered. This package has the base station from the Classic package for your home and the Solo mobile device to protect you while you are on the go. It also comes with a waterproof help button that can be worn in the shower to offer protection no matter where you are.

The base station provides a 600-foot signaling range, and the mobile device offers 350 feet. In case of emergency, all you have to do is press your alert button pendant that can be worn as a wristband or on a lanyard, and the MobileHelp operators will assist you.

MobileHelp Mobile Duo

MobileHelp Duo Medical Alert System
  • Two Help Buttons
  • Water Repellent Technology
  • 24/7 Emergency Monitoring Service
  • Two-way communication in your home and away-from-home
  • FREE ground shipping on most plans ($15 value)
  • Patented GPS technology
  • No long-term contracts, no activation fee
  • No equipment to purchase
  • 24/7 Emergency Monitoring Service
  • FREE lockbox with every order ($29.95 Value)
  • No landline required
  • No hidden fees
  • AT&T coverage included on every plan

The Mobile Duo package from MobileHelp is the industry’s only 2-for-the-price-of-1 GPS medical alert system. This package comes with two help buttons with water repellent technology, keeping you and your spouse or roommate safe while in the shower.

If you don’t live alone, Mobile Duo can protect you and your spouse or housemate. Mobile Duo is the industry’s only bundled GPS that gives multiple users the freedom to enjoy their lives at home or on-the-go. With MobileHelps patented GPS technology and nationwide cellular coverage, the Mobile Duo provides coverage to two people anywhere that offers cellular coverage. You can also pair this package with an automatic fall detection button for $10 additional per month.

MobileHelp Touch

MobileHelp Touch Medical Alert System
  • Handheld tablet fitted with emergency response technology plus health and safety apps
  • 8-inch screen display
  • Customizable interface
  • Cognitive game apps
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled
  • 4G LTE compatible across the AT&T network
  • Two-way communication
  • Mobile signaling device with a cradle charger that uses AC power
  • Wearable signaling device (neck pendant or wristband)
  • Cognitive game apps
  • Optional medication reminders
  • Optional Amwell service for video-based doctor consultations
  • Optional fall button

MobileHelp Touch uses the latest Wi-Fi-enabled technology and effective emergency response technology. MobileHelp has created the primary device in this package as a handheld tablet that they designed with seniors in mind. It has an emergency alert help button, internet access, optional medication reminders, and cognitive games. This package also provides a mobile signaling device.

The MobileHelp Touch is an excellent option for seniors looking for a comprehensive, easy-to-use device that they can use every day while also ensuring safety during emergencies.


MobileHelp’s Cost

MobileHelp’s prices are right on par with its competitors, with its monthly fees hitting the middle range for the selection of packages. Also, MobileHelp offers a lot of flexibility to its customers by not requiring long-term contracts. They also include free monitoring for spouses. They do not have any cancellation fees or activation fees—all of which allow more flexibility and customization for customers to find the perfect package.

Classic Wired Home Solo Duo Mobile Duo Touch
Cost $19.95/month $24.95/month $37.95/month $41.95/month $44.95/month $599.40/year
Fall Detection Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Landline Needed No Yes No No No No
Free 30-day Trial Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Savings Opportunities

The company does offer discounts for long-term customers making packages a little more competitive than the other home safety companies. It’s more comprehensive packages also offer additional savings – some providing as much as a 25% discount over the year.


Monitoring and Customer Support

Customer service and monitoring are vital when choosing a medical alert company for you or a loved one. MobileHelp is a leading provider of M-PERS (Mobile-Personal Emergency Response System) technology and offers peace of mind regarding monitoring support and customer service. To help you narrow down which medical alert service and device is right for you, we have read the reviews and researched MobileHelp’s technical support to see what current users had to say so that you can get straight to the facts.

Monitoring and Technical Support

MobileHelp partners with Rapid Response, and for 25 years, they have offered some of the best response services to medical alert systems and home security systems alike. All response operators are U.S.-based and are highly qualified and trained extensively. They are also all certified by the Security Industry Association. The emergency response center also offers Spanish bilingual support operators.

Customer Reviews

Customers of MobileHelp have left plenty of statements about how satisfied they are with the call center staff and how friendly, effective and efficient they are. From shopping for the right system to using the devices, customers and their families are delighted with MobileHelps services and customer support. A few customers complained about the coverage in their area as they didn’t get the best signal from AT&T, which MobileHelp uses as their cellular service provider.

Excellent customer care! Great support setting up and answering questions about the device. Each representative has been patient and knowledgeable… The responsiveness of the team really makes using MobileHelp a top notch experience….

Jennifer of Redwood City, CA

When I ordered, The young ladies were very helpful. I don’t have the order #. I called my cousin in OK City and gave her the information. Her name is Genevive (Geni) **. I am excited about the program. Thank you, Norma

Norma of Greenwood, MO


Company Background

MobileHelp is a leading provider in medical emergency response systems. They service all 50 United States from their headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. MobileHelp develops and distributes fully integrated medical alert systems that use GPS technology as an innovative alert solution for those without home telephones. The company has created quality products and built a reputation for quality and affordable solutions for peace-of-mind and personalized protection around and away from home.

The Bottom Line

MobileHelp is a great contender in the medical alert services industry. It offers standard products and services at reasonable prices, including cellular and landline options, as well as innovative technologies and customizable options. MobileHelp stands out for this long list of additional equipment and services, including notable packages that help caregivers and family members monitor a user’s health. With all of these features to offer, MobileHelp is worth exploring if you’re in the market for a medical alert system.

The information featured on this page is based on our best estimates of pricing, package details, contract stipulations, and service available at the time of writing. This is not a guarantee. All information is subject to change. Pricing will vary based on various factors, including, but not limited to the customer’s location. For the most accurate information, please ask your customer service representative. Clarify all fees and contract details before signing a contract or finalizing your purchase.

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