The thought of aging can seem daunting, however at we believe this is a beautiful time in one’s life. At we strive to provide guides on how to age gracefully. This includes reviewing home care providers, medical alert systems, products and more, all with the intention of providing caregivers and family members the knowledge and support they need to make the most informed decision. Let’s take a look at how we rate.

Overall Quality

You want the most reliable possible company in charge of keeping tabs on your health and well being. For that reason, we devote hundreds of hours researching the products and services offered to an aging generation.

Features & Services Provided

What services does the company provide? Do they offer help with a wide variety of services, or do they specialize in only a few? How well do they train their staff? What is the quality of their product and are there other products that might help you better? We look into all these different aspects and rate them on the services they offer. You never want to be without help, so we take a look at when technical and customer  support is available as well as if they stand behind the products that they provide (offering warranties, etc.). 

Customer Support & Reviews

We take the legwork out of looking at online customer reviews by reading a wide sample and summarizing them for you. Looking at information that a company provides can tell you a lot, but looking at information from actual customers can tell you a lot more. Therefore, we take a look at what type of feedback the company gets from their customers, both good and bad, to find out if they’re really providing what they say they are. We also check to make sure that it is easy to get the support you need from these companies. 


Finally, we look at the overall cost of the product, service, or experience. We consider the base price, which means the absolute minimum that you can pay, and then we look at what that base price covers for each service. Then we look at hidden costs like service fees, cancellation costs, long term contracts, and the extras that you can add on and what those costs are. We want to give you the insight to pick the best services and products for you. 

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