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The holiday season is approaching along with the flurry of activities with family, friends, and co-workers.  For singles looking for love, this is also an ideal time to meet potential mates. Many people have time off from work, and they’re out and about in places they may not normally go. That means there are more opportunities than at any other time of the year, if you know where to meet singles during the holidays.  

These are some of the best places to find single men and women during the holiday season and tips for meeting them.

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Meeting Singles at Holiday Events

Holiday events, dinners and party invitations are some of the best environments to meet singles during the holidays. Set the stage before even arriving: ask the hosts which singles are going to be attending their event and request to be introduced to them. The simplest way to start a conversation is to ask how they know the hosts. 

Both single and married women and men attend holiday events with friends.  You never know who might show up as their guest, so keep in mind that even the married or attached people at an event know someone who is single, divorced, or widowed.  

Any holiday event or gathering is an opportunity to not only catch up with friends and family but also to let them know you’re actively looking to meet someone and ask them who they know that is single. Be specific with them about what you’re looking for in a partner or companion. 

Wherever you go, enter a room with a smile and start introducing yourself to one person at a time. If you see someone you’d like to meet, make your way over to them and introduce yourself.

And you can always host your own holiday dinner or cocktail party. Ask everyone you invite to bring a friend. This will ensure that you’ll be meeting new people who are not currently in your social circle.

Meeting Singles at Airports, Hotels, or Train Stations

Millions of Americans travel through airports, train stations and hotels during this season where they can be found at the gates, terminals, and restaurants. And there are always long lines of weary travelers at these places. A friendly hello and smile from a stranger are always welcome.

Meeting Singles as you Volunteer

Volunteering in your community or attending charity fund raising events can often be places where you can meet singles during the holidays. Many employers host drives during this time of year, as do community groups and places of worship. There are many food, clothing and toy drives for donations of these and other essentials for those in need. These are all good places to meet singles who value giving of their time and energy to help others, which is a trait you might be looking for in a partner if you want to share the values of generosity, contribution and being of service.

Meeting Singles at Places of Worship

Places of worship see a spike of attendance on the main holidays, especially with people who don’t normally attend services. The coffee hours or lunches after these services are places to be introduced and introduce oneself to others.

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Meeting Singles While Shopping

From big department stores to neighborhood shops, most everyone is shopping for holiday gifts for their families, friends, and co-workers.  While you’re going over your shopping list or standing in one of many check-out lines, take a look around you and notice who’s there. There are any number of topics you can use to start a conversation with a stranger by asking a question about a product they’re holding or have in their shopping cart.

Specialty stores such as these also draw big crowds.

Sporting goods stores are places where both men and women look for gifts and work-out apparel and fitness products for themselves and their families. Men are in these stores all the time buying running shoes, weights or gym equipment for themselves, the men in their family or for their children or grandchildren.

Electronics and appliance stores are places that attract more men than women.  If asked, men enjoy giving advice on all things electronic and appliance. A conversation can start with asking a man his opinion on something you are thinking about buying. If you’re a man approaching a woman, ask her if she needs help selecting a particular product or offer your experience with the product she’s looking at.  Whether or not you are already tech savvy, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to ask for advice on items you’re looking at.

Supermarkets and liquor stores are great places to meet singles during the holidays. Especially around dinner time. Many singles don’t like cooking for one person and can be found around the prepared foods section and salad bar picking out dinner to go. Others who really enjoy cooking will be found at the specialty wines and cheeses, meat and seafood sections of the store.

Home improvement stores are teeming with people who are sprucing up and decorating their homes in anticipation of more guests and entertaining at this time of year. Especially with time off from work, men fix things in their homes, or they’re decorating the inside and outside of the home. A great conversation starter in one of these places is to ask someone for their advice on a DIY project you’re doing or ask for their opinion on a product you’re thinking of purchasing. You may get excellent advice on making a project easier while you’re making a new connection.

Coffee shops and cafes because everyone needs a refueling break from walking, shopping, and doing errands. Where do they go for that? The local coffee or tea shop. Great conversation starters include asking about their favorite menu item. Most people are happy to share their opinions.

Meeting Singles at Local Restaurants and Bars  

On weeknights, singles can often be found dining at the bar of your local restaurant. When you’re shoulder to shoulder, strike up a conversation as you sip a glass of wine or beer and have a meal.  Another stranger eating solo will likely welcome the company.

Meeting Singles at Sporting Events

This is football, basketball, and hockey season. Watching live or at bars where games are being televised are casual environments where you’re already enjoying yourself which makes you appear more approachable, even if you don’t happen to be cheering for the same team as others around you.

Meeting Singles at Seasonal Sports Activities

In cold climates, think of skiing, skating, hiking and snowboarding for the outdoorsy, the health club/gym, yoga classes, pickleball, bocce ball for those who prefer to stay inside.  In warmer climates, tennis, golf and boating are year-round activities. Pickleball has become a super spreader sport in the last few years and with good reason. Everyone can play it. It’s played as a doubles sport and social leagues provide opportunities of making new friends and meeting prospective dates.

Meeting Singles at Entertainment Venues

There is always a full roster of events at small music venues, concerts, musicals, museums, and plays during the holidays.  A common favorite activity that singles list on their dating profiles is going to live music venues. The same is true for other types of entertainment such as shows, theater and the movies.

Meeting Singles Online

It’s important to resist the urge to hibernate and instead, get out of the house during this period. If venturing into all the crowds seems daunting, then this is a good time to spruce up online dating profiles and swap in some photos from the holidays.  The biggest online dating day of the year is the first Sunday in January.   

Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Expand Your Social Circles

Making the effort to speak to others you come in contact at this time of year can really make a difference in for singles to reduce the feeling of loneliness and to increase the chances of meeting someone special.  While many people will have their heads down in their phones, it’s worth keeping your head up, smiling at others, making eye contact and striking up conversations with strangers.  This is not the time to be looking down at a phone.  When others see you looking down at your phone, they receive a signal that you’re not open to meeting or having a conversation with them.  Why not challenge yourself to speak to at least one new person wherever you go?

And, before you leave the house, select clothing you enjoy and really feel great in.  Others will notice your confidence, which is the #1 trait that both men and women report they are seeking in a romantic partner. Be intentional with the thoughts you are having.  You can do this by, telling yourself that you expect to encounter friendly, kind and interesting men and women everywhere you go.

You never know, your future sweetheart may be the next person you run into.

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