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eHarmony is one of the most popular online dating sites, claiming to have brought 2 million couples together through its high-quality dating pool. The platform caters to people seeking long-term commitments and welcomes all backgrounds. The renowned platform has been going strong since the late 90s, promising love for all its users.

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eHarmony is a serious dating site. Unlike some contenders, it is not a platform to find platonic friendships or short-term relationships. eHarmony will display matches, which are other registered users that appear on its user’s home pages. Matches are potential dating candidates for you because of their compatibility with your personal profile. You can get to know these matches by connecting with them and messaging them. eHarmony also has reliable tools on its website that help its user maintain strong relationships and meaningful conversations. Moreover, the platform has a Dating Advice Blog and a Customer Care Team that strive to help you make the best impression through your conversations.

How Are Matches Made?

Matches are made after completing the compatibility assessment and sign-up process. The compatibility quiz is intensive and takes about 20 minutes to finish, but there are no wrong answers. The compatibility assessment begins with simple questions concerning your hobbies, how you handle various situations, your opinions on conflicts, your personal preferences, and what you are looking for in a partner. Towards the middle of the quiz, users will choose between varieties of shapes – be it some lines or an eccentric design. These particular questions are strange at first glance, but according to psychologists, they’re fantastic evaluations that can give the system information regarding your personality. Users will then answer questions based on their outlooks on life and daily habits. 

Upon completing the compatibility assessment, you must fill out the blanks on a small form that entails basic information about yourself: your full name, zip code, birthday, profession, etc. Some of the information in this section is private, such as your salary. All this information will reformat the home page by showing matches in your general area with their compatibility score. A compatibility score is a number at the top of their profile picture – the higher the number, the more compatible eHarmony thinks they are for you. You can edit your profile and flush it out with more essential things about yourself for your matches to see.

What Makes eHarmony Unique?

eHarmony is one of the original dating sites. The platform’s comprehensive compatibility assessment and precise matchmaking system make this site unique. Most dating sites will allow users to fill out a basic profile but leave the matchmaking up to you. Moreover, most dating platforms do not offer compatibility assessments or tools that help their users communicate online effectively. However, eHarmony does most of the work for you. The site matches you with dozens of individuals nearby that have traits harmonious with what you’re looking for in a partner. eHarmony also has specific information users can tell their matches without actively communicating. Some of this data involves body types or what they want in a partner. Most dating platforms will not have this information available – therefore, narrowing your picks on eHarmony is effortless.

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Are There Any Services Specifically for 50+?

eHarmony has an entire section on the site for singles over 50 and numerous blog posts about the challenges and uphills of senior dating in person and online. eHarmony’s Dating Over 50 page entails various features that make it easier to find matches for seniors and effective tips to make a fantastic first impression. Features on this page regard eHarmony’s intensive filtering and communication tools in the messaging tab, such as Video Dates, Smiles, and Icebreakers. These features are not specific to seniors, but help seniors find singles in the same age bracket and better accessibility. Creating an account is no different because of age – every user completes the same compatibility assessment.

Is It A Good Site for Seniors?

eHarmony is good for seniors that are open to online dating. The platform is accessible and doesn’t require users to waste time learning how to use it. Although fake profiles are nearly impossible to avoid, eHarmony has an excellent track record for having low bot accounts. Although eHarmony promises users that every profile is real, some individuals have claimed to come across them. These accounts are sometimes created to prey on other users for malicious reasons, which eHarmony takes very seriously.  

eHarmony Cost

Creating an account, completing the compatibility assessment, and getting acquainted with the platform are under the Basic Membership, which is entirely free. To unlock unlimited messaging, distance search, and other explorable features, users must upgrade to a premium plan. Unfortunately, some features that require premium plans are essential in finding a partner. Match’s images will be blurred out, messaging will be limited, and tweaking matches through the settings will be restricted. The premium plan eHarmony offers is the Premium Light 6-month plan, Premium PLUS 12-month plan, and Premium EXTRA 24-month plan. Each will give you the same perks but for different amounts of time. Premium Light costs $55.90 per month, Premium PLUS costs $35.90 per month, and Premium EXTRA costs $25.90 per month. 

Is It An App Or A Website?

eHarmony is both a mobile app and a website platform. The app and accessing the desktop website are free. You can access your account on either device. Downloading the mobile app is suggested for those on the go or who don’t always have access to a desktop computer. The app contains the same features as the desktop platform.


eHarmony is a fantastic option for seniors interested in online dating and wanting to give love and a meaningful relationship a chance. With the many dating sites with lower accessibility to seniors and platforms that offer short flings and zero compatibility assessments, eHarmony stands out with its many valuable features.

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