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Aloe Care Health is one of the world’s most advanced medical alert companies offering services to help active, independent seniors stay safe. The systems are notoriously easy to set up and easy to use. Aloe Care systems are different from others on the market because they don’t require WiFi or an existing home landline. Instead, Aloe Care can use the 4G network to contact its emergency response team. Aloe Care also sets itself apart with voice-activated devices, which makes use of their products as simple as plugging them in and speaking to activate.

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Products & Services


Aloe Care Medical Alert Essentials Package
  • Voice-activated emergency response
  • Contactless installation, requiring no technical know-how other than plugging the device into a wall socket
  • A wearable Care Button to get help both inside and outside the home
  • 24/7 Emergency Call Center
  • Built-in Motion, Temperature & Air Quality Sensors
  • Secure App for Caregiver Teams (unlimited users)
  • Unlimited 4G service for check-in calls (app-to-Hub) no WiFi required
  • Motion-activated nightlight

The Essentials package from Aloe Care comes with a 4G Smart Hub, Care Button and Care Button Accessories. Aloe Care created a better way to keep elders safer and connected to their families and professional caregivers. Overall, the Essentials system helps seniors live independently.

The included wearable Care Button gives up to a 200ft range to the user, allowing them to get help both inside and outside the home. You won’t mind wearing the Care Button at all since it is not much larger than the size of a quarter and only weighs about 2oz. The wearable device is also water-resistant, so you can wear it in the shower for that extra level of protection.

The initial price for this bundle is $99.99 and then $39.99 monthly. With the Essentials bundle, you’ll also have access to Aloe Care’s 24/7/365 emergency response monitoring, in-home air quality and temperature monitoring, two-way calling through the Smart Hub, and a secure family app that provides real-time updates.

In response to COVID-19, Aloe Care created the Essentials package to benefit the countless people who, practically overnight, became remote caregivers. These instant caregivers all needed a better way to keep their elders safer, more connected to their families and professional care teams, and – most of all – living independently.

To help prevent the spread of disease, the system is 100% contactless. Caregivers can help set up the Essentials package without making contact with the user, ultimately complying with COVID-19 safety protocols.

Total Care

Aloe Care Medical Alert Total Care
  • 24/7 Emergency Call Center
  • Get Emergency Help by Voice or via Care Button
  • Built-in Motion, Temperature & Air Quality Sensors
  • Secure App for Caregiver Teams (unlimited users)
  • Unlimited 4G service for check-in calls (app-to-Hub)
  • Motion-activated nightlight
  • Automatic Fall Detection (bathroom) with Voice Recognition; Care Button does not need to be worn/activated for this to work
  • Motion Sensors give additional home coverage, notifies Care Teams of unusual activity

Aloe Care’s Total Care package includes everything from the Essentials package plus automatic fall detection for the bathroom and two motion sensors that require WiFi. If this sounds like the package for you, the initial price for all of the equipment is $349.99, and then there is a monthly fee of $59.99 for the monitoring service.

The Aloe Care App for caregivers is included in this package as well. Through the app, multiple caregivers can see activity and emergency information to stay connected. Users will need WiFi connections for this package because of the included motion sensors, but the Smart Hub still connects through 4G. The only downside of the Total Care package is that it likely needs to be set up by a caregiver.

The automatic fall detection uses voice recognition and does not require the care button to be worn or activated for it to work. It is set up for bathroom use and uses radio-frequency sensor technology to map the environment and monitor for instances that indicate a fall. For seniors who don’t want to the hassle of wearables, this is a great option to keep you protected where falls tend to happen the most.

Additional Features and Services

Aloe Care App

Both the Essentials and Total Care packages come with access to Aloe Care’s Caregiver App. This app allows caregivers and family members to keep up with what is happening in your home. The app will give updates on weather, air quality in the house, system status, mobility updates, and access to a health card.

The app also allows caregivers to perform remote check-ins through the care hub and track emergency events with real-time updates. In an emergency, the app will merge calls with emergency response to bring on professional help if the caregiver is called first. The app offers caregivers everything they need to efficiently and effectively take care of their aging family members.


Aloe Care Cost

Aloe Cares’ products only come in bundles, which does not give customers the customization to build their own systems. Though there isn’t the option for customization, it offers customers set prices to make it easier to determine costs. There is only one initial fee that’s paid upfront for the equipment in each bundle. If you or your loved one doesn’t need the motion sensors and the automatic fall detection, the Essentials package is cheaper upfront, just under $200 before tax, as well as with the monthly monitoring fee, $39.99 before tax. Since the Total Care package not only offers more devices and additional monitoring services, the price jumps to $349.99 for the initial purchase and $59.99 a month for the monitoring services.

Package Name Initial Fee Monthly Cost
Essentials $199.99 $39.99/month
Total Care $349.99 $59.99/month

Savings Opportunities

There is currently a limited-time introductory offer of 50% off of your essentials package initial price. The website does not include how long this offer will be available, but as of August of 2020, this is the only savings or discount available for Aloe Care products.


Monitoring and Costumer Support

Monitoring and Technical Support

Aloe Care provides emergency response monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. In the event of an emergency, there are a couple of ways you can access the emergency responders through the Smart Hub. You can reach responders by pressing the black button in the center of your Smart Hub or by saying “Emergency” repeatedly until the Smart Hub has prompted you with another question.

Using the Smart Hub isn’t the only way to reach responders. Both packages come with Care buttons that will automatically connect to the Aloe Care 24/7 emergency support team, establishing a 2-way call through the Smart Hub.


Company Background

Aloe Care believes that technology can give older adults the care they deserve by keeping them safe and connected with their caregivers. The company was started by caregivers for caregivers and aging adults. They believe the solution to address critical voids in supporting independent seniors is safety, communication, and care collaboration

The Bottom Line

While being a relatively new company in the home care industry, Aloe Care has made it their mission to use technology to better serve and care for elderly adults. They stand out from the other medical alert companies by not requiring an existing WiFi or landline connection to their most of their devices. The devices are also unique by including a 4G cellular service for backup connection or for users who don’t have WiFi at all. They show a lot of potential as a growing company by making their devices so easy to use, easy to set up and easily connectable to family and caregivers.

The information featured on this page is based on our best estimates of pricing, package details, contract stipulations, and service available at the time of writing. This is not a guarantee. All information is subject to change. Pricing will vary based on various factors, including, but not limited to the customer’s location. For the most accurate information, please ask your customer service representative. Clarify all fees and contract details before signing a contract or finalizing your purchase.

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