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Audicus is an online retailer that offers hearing aids at discounted prices. Devices can be purchased directly from the company’s website, without the need for an in-person doctor’s visit. Your hearing aids arrive at your door customized and programmed for your specific hearing needs. The company’s use of technology makes it easy for you to learn how to use your hearing aids, make needed and instant adjustments or have changes performed remotely by a licensed Audicus audiologist.

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Products & Services

Audicus prides itself on offering top-quality hearing aids at discounted prices – mostly because they operate on a direct-to-consumer model, similar to several mattress companies or the eyewear seller Warby Parker. The vast majority of their business is web-based. You can take a hearing test online on their site or submit the results of one you’ve taken at a doctor’s office to order your hearing aids, which are customized to fit your needs by Audicus audiologists.

For those who prefer in-person assistance, the company has teamed up with the grocery store chain Albertson’s to offer limited, onsite services in four locations – one in New York, one in Denver and two in Chicago. These locations offer in-store appointments where you can discuss your hearing aid needs with an Audicus audiologist.

Audicus offers six different hearing aids which can be purchased as a solo aid or as a pair, depending on your hearing loss.

Best For Small Ears

Audicus Dia II

Audicus Dia II
  • Multiple adjustment channels
  • Directional microphones
  • Up to 56 decibels of amplification
  • Auto-adapts to environment to separate speech from background noise
  • Long battery life

The Dia II is the most affordable hearing aid Audicus offers. It’s priced at $499 for a single or $998 for a pair and operates on replaceable zinc batteries. It covers mild to moderate hearing loss, comes in three colors and fits behind the ear. For an ‘entry level’ brand model, it has several worthwhile features.

Audicus Aura

Audicus Aura Hearing Aids
  • Rubber domes designed to reduce excess sound
  • Long battery life
  • Nearly invisible to others

The Aura is priced at $699 for a single or $1,398 for a pair, covers mild to moderately severe hearing loss and fits inside your ear canal. It comes in two color options and runs on replaceable zinc batteries.

Audicus Clara

Audicus Clara Hearing Aids
  • Two-directional microphones
  • Noise and feedback reduction capabilities
  • Up to 57 decibels of amplification
  • Bluetooth-enabled capability
  • Option to choose enhanced package which increases programmable channels from 8 – 12

The Clara model is priced at $749 for a single or $1,498 for a pair, covers mild to severe hearing loss and is a RIC (receiver in ear canal) style. It comes in four colors and can run on regular or rechargeable batteries, depending on what you choose.

Audicus Wave

Most Popular

Audicus Wave Spirit Omni Hearing Aids
  • 12 processing channels
  • Up to 111 decibels of amplification
  • You can purchase a Bluetooth TV connector for higher quality sound from your TV, laptop or computer

Audicus claims the Wave is its most popular hearing aid. It will cost you $949 for a single or $1,898 for a pair, is designed for mild to severe hearing loss and comes in four colors. You can use a zinc battery or upgrade to a sealed Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery to operate this RIC model. You can purchase a ‘dry box’ which uses UV light to sanitize and pull moisture out of your hearing aids. (not recommended for the rechargeable model).

Audicus Spirit

Audicus Wave Spirit Omni Hearing Aids
  • Streaming capabilities for both Apple or Android smartphones
  • Customizable settings through the Audicus app
  • Remote hearing care from an Audicus audiologist
  • Optional add-on of a small remote to make adjustments on your hearing aids
  • Optional add-on of a ‘partner mic’

The Spirit costs $1,399 for a single or $2,798 for a pair and it comes in four color choices. It’s designed for mild to severe hearing loss, is Bluetooth-enabled and runs on rechargeable batteries. The Spirit also includes an optional add-on of a ‘partner mic’ which clips to the clothing of someone you’re talking to – for instance a partner or doctor — to help you hear them better.

Audicus Omni

Audicus Wave Spirit Omni Hearing Aids
  • Ten volume settings
  • Adaptive-directional microphones
  • Bluetooth-enabled
  • Streaming capabilities for both Apple or Android smartphones
  • Customizable settings through the Audicus app
  • Remote hearing care from an Audicus audiologist

The Omni is the most expensive model Audicus offers. It’s priced at $1,699 for a single or $3,398 for a pair, covers mild to severe hearing loss and runs on rechargeable batteries. The Omni comes in four colors, has wax guards to prevent earwax build-up and rubber domes to help seal out excess sound. One advanced feature is the adaptive-directional microphones that determine the direction of speech while cutting out background noise.

In addition to hearing aids themselves, Audicus offers several add-on services for additional fees.

Audicus Care

The Audicus Care program is a monthly subscription that you can add to your hearing aid purchase. You will get regular scheduled deliveries of replacement batteries, domes and earwax guards. The monthly payment varies based on the type of hearing aid you purchased.

Audicus Protect

Audicus offers a protection plan for a monthly fee. The plan gives you unlimited repairs, unlimited cleaning and servicing, as well as a one-time replacement for a lost hearing aid.

Audicus Membership

Audicus offers a monthly membership plan, which basically works like a hearing aid rental program. There’s a $100 set-up fee and a set monthly membership price.

Memberships include free programming and reprogramming and unlimited support from Audicus experts, as well as a brand-new pair of hearing aids every 18 months. The membership includes both the Audicus Care and Audicus Protect services, so, you’ll receive loss and damage insurance, as well as regularly scheduled supplies delivered to your door. The company says you can cancel your membership any time you wish.

Audicus Change Fee

One unique option Audicus offers is its gifting program. If you are changing your hearing aids, for whatever reason, you can gift your current set to a friend or family member. The company will charge you a one-time change fee to transfer your hearing aids into the new owner’s name. Once that is complete, your friend or family member will have access to all the benefits you did, including unlimited free re-programming.

Audicus Trade-In Program

If for some reason, your hearing aids become damaged beyond repair you will be eligible for a trade-in. You can use the discount, which is up to $300, towards a new hearing aid purchase.

Customer Reviews

Even though Audicus is relatively new to the hearing aid industry, you will find customers are generally happy with their hearing aids and service. If you don’t consider yourself to be technologically-savvy, or prefer in-person testing or purchasing, they may not be a good option for you since nearly all of their business is done through their website.

You can contact Audicus by phone, email or the live chat feature on its website and customers, by and large, are happy with the price, plans and ongoing service.

The information on its website about its products isn’t as detailed as we like, and you may have to hunt in different places for the information you’re looking for. In some instances, you have to answer questions about your hearing loss and your intentions before you’re able to get the details you are interested in. So, it may be a little more difficult than other hearing aid companies to ‘surf shop’ and compare Audicus hearing aids with other brands.

Audicus is accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and maintains an A+ rating with the consumer organization. There are some complaints registered with the BBB, but all of them have either been resolved or addressed by the company. It also receives high marks for its customer service on the Consumers Advocate site.


Audicus works off the motto that hearing aids don’t have to be expensive. The company currently offers six different pairs of hearing aids – the cheapest one costs around a thousand dollars. You can buy a single aid for one ear or buy the pair and all models ship for free in the United States.

Product Purchase Cost Rental Cost – After one-time set up fee of $100
Dia II $998 $78 a pair/month
Aura $1,398 $98 a pair/month
Clara $1,498 $98 a pair/month
Wave $1,898 $138 a pair/month
Spirit $2,798 $178 a pair/month
Omni $3,398 $198 a pair/month

Warranty and Returns

Audicus offers a 45-day, money back guarantee so you can try the product you’ve purchased risk free for about a month and a half. If you aren’t happy for any reason during the 45-day period, you can return it to Audicus for a full refund.

Audicus offers a one-year warranty for any manufacturing defects of its hearing aids. Accessories or lost or damaged hearing aids are not covered under the warranty. For the warranty to be effective, you can’t modify or damage the hearing aids, alter the serial number or have repairs made to the devices on your own.

Audicus also offers a two-year extended warranty that you can purchase to extend your coverage.

Company Background

Audicus is a relatively new company – founded in 2012 with a mission of lowering the cost of hearing aids and making them accessible to everyone. It’s direct-to-consumer business model allows the company to sell hearing aids online at a discounted cost to you. The company claims to have spent two years perfecting its online hearing test to make it just as reliable and accurate as one you would take at your doctor’s office or a hearing clinic.

The Bottom Line

One of the main reasons people forego getting hearing aids is because of the price. Audicus has built its business on lowering those costs significantly. By allowing customers to take an online hearing test and order directly from them, it cuts out many of the fees associated with getting hearing aids through your doctor’s office or a hearing clinic. Audicus products are well-made and long-lasting and are good options for anyone with mild to severe hearing loss.

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