Air Hawk Wheelchair Review


If you are looking for a lightweight, portable power wheelchair, the Air Hawk will suit your mobility needs. Weighing a total of 41 pounds, the foldable frame combined with the 26-mile battery drive range allows you to stay on the go without needing assistance. Six color options with numerous free accessories offer versatility in design and comfortability, and the affordable cost compared to other power wheelchairs provides less stress for your budget. With a top-rated customer support team and quality materials, the Air Hawk Portable Lightweight Power Wheelchair gives you peace of mind in a reliable form of mobility.

Our Verdict

If you need a power wheelchair that you can transport easily on your own, Air Hawk is a recommended product. A leader in lightweight power wheelchairs, Air Hawk is an excellent alternative to lifting heavy or unwieldy objects. Having a lightweight mobility option that is portable like the Air Hawk Portable Lightweight Power Wheelchair will certainly reduce strain and injuries. The chair easily folds for exceptional use for car and plane transport, allowing you to bring your mobility anywhere you go. The Air Hawk is also an affordable option if you are on a budget, and you can take advantage of 12 free accessories to make your mobility comfortable and versatile.


  • 26-mile battery drive range with an extra battery included

  • Lightest weight on the market at 41 pounds

  • 12 free accessories

  • Foldable frame for transport

  • Two-year in-home warranty


  • No option for in-home installation

  • Can’t support over 264 pounds

  • Website is less modern compared to competitors

Air Hawk Portable Lightweight Power Wheelchair Review

If you are in search of a lightweight option in power wheelchairs, the Air Hawk Portable Lightweight Power Wheelchair may be the one for you. Weighing only 41 pounds, you gain more independence and control with the ability to lift and carry this chair. The assistance of a caregiver or lift for your car may not be needed when transporting this chair. The Air Hawk Portable Lightweight Power Wheelchair can hold up to 264 pounds and is an excellent option for an active lifestyle. The lightweight and compact design will make traveling and transporting this wheelchair a breeze. Take your mobility with you anywhere you go by simply folding and storing the Air Hawk in your car or on as a carry-on on a plane without hassle.

The Air Hawk Portable Lightweight Power Wheelchair costs $1,987. This price is very affordable, especially considering that most power wheelchairs cost more than $2,000. You can customize the design of your Air Hawk to include a personalized engraving, elevating leg rest, headrest, or a hard-shelled case. Choose from six high-quality color options for your chair. Included with your purchase is a cup holder, cane holder, built-in extra battery backup, arm bag, car charger, and so much more.

Air Hawk Portable Lightweight Power Wheelchair Features and Specification

The features of the Air Hawk Portable Lightweight Power Wheelchair gives you portability and transport in one chair. The 41-pound lightweight chair, combined with top speeds of four miles per hour, 26-mile drive range, 264-pound weight capacity, foldable design, and numerous other features and accessories, can accommodate many lifestyle needs.

  • Cost: $1,987
  • Dimensions:
    • Unfolded (LxWxH): 35 in. x 23 in. x 35 in.
    • Folded (LxWxH): 31.75 in. x 23.25 in. x 12.25 in.
  • Weight: 41 pounds
  • Speed: 4 miles per hour
  • Materials:
    • Wheels: Polyurethane and Rubber
    • Frame: Aluminum Aircraft Alloy
  • Battery Drive Range: 26 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 264 pounds
  • Turning Radius: 27.3 inches
  • Six Color Options:
    • Silverado Silver
    • Inferno Red
    • Caribbean Blue
    • Jet Black
    • Perfectly Yellow
    • Rosey Pink
  • Free Accessories:
    • Oxygen Tank Holder
    • Cup Holder
    • Cane Holder
    • Touch Up Paint
    • Extra Lithium Battery Pack
    • DX Halogen Head Light with Dual Pitch Horn
    • Umbrella with Clamp
    • Orange Safety Flag
    • Arm Bag
    • Automotive Car Charger
    • International Household Charger
    • All-Weather Protective Nylon Travel Cover with ID Window
    • Flip-Up Adjustable Arm Rest
    • Flat Free Tires
    • Under Seat Basket

How to Use the Air Hawk Portable Lightweight Power Wheelchair

The Air Hawk comes with a detailed manual that you can view online and helpful videos showing the features of the power wheelchair. The Air Hawk is fully assembled and ready for use right out of the packaging. The state-of-the-art joystick included with the chair locks into the armrest tube hole on the chair’s right or left side. The user-friendly joystick controller is used to drive and navigate the chair with only one finger. Test your Air Hawk power wheelchair and adjust the seating and belt to make it comfortable for you. The company provides professional technicians for maintenance and repairs to your chair. You can also call Discover Your Mobility’s support team at 866.868.9694 to receive technical and installation assistance over the phone.

About Air Hawk and Discover Your Mobility Inc.

Discover Your Mobility Inc., a company dedicated to providing quality electric power wheelchairs, sells the Air Hawk Portable Lightweight Wheelchair. Discover Your Mobility Inc. is proud of its customer satisfaction and product support for numerous brands in the mobility industry. While they sell many wheelchair accessories and other products geared towards seniors, the Air Hawk is one of Discover Your Mobility Inc.’s most popular products. The Air Hawk has a five-star accreditation with the Medical Merchants Union, as well as first place engineering and construction awards. You can certainly find a wheelchair to suit many different needs and purposes with Discover Your Mobility Inc.

Customer Service and Reviews

Discover Your Mobility’s customer service is available by phone toll-free at 866.868.9694, or you can request more information through their online contact page at Customer support is relatively simple, so that you may appreciate the ease of the methods of contact. Reviews from customers shared that the company is willing to go above and beyond for customer’s needs, and they show that they genuinely care about safety and mobility. Discover Your Mobility’s friendly and courteous customer service offers travel bags and free accessories that you may find useful.

Air Hawk Portable Lightweight Power Wheelchair allows customers to feel more independent. Reviews share that the wheelchair has a quick charge, is lightweight, comfortable, and fits most cars’ back seat or trunk. Customers seem to be impressed with how it is easy to lift and transport the wheelchair, especially compared to other power wheelchairs advertised as lightweight but still may need additional assistance. A helpful service that many customers appreciate is the in-home service warranty, including a trained professional technician that will go directly to you to fix any issues with your power wheelchair. Customers can also take advantage of the 30-day return policy if you’re not fully satisfied with your power wheelchair.

“Love this chair. We took it on a 68 day cruise. No problem. I used it on excursions. On a previous cruise we had to cancel 50% of our excursions because of to long walks. On this cruise we had no cancellations. As to battery life I only had to charge it twice during the whole trip. The only issue was in the Lisbon airport. They had no idea what this great unit was. 45 minutes later I was able to head to our plane. All in all it is a great chair.”



The Air Hawk Portable Lightweight Power Wheelchair is reasonably priced for lightweight products, starting at $1,987. It is a great budget-friendly option, and a great deal when you consider the adjustable features and the built-in extra battery backup with no added costs. You can take advantage of other free accessories, and you will save money since you do not have to buy a lift with this lightweight foldable chair. Your purchase comes with a two-year warranty to help cut costs if you experience any malfunctions or damage: one-year in-home service warranty and the second year covering parts.


The Air Hawk offers reliable mobility due to its quality materials made in China. Aircraft-quality aluminum alloy makes up the Air Hawk power wheelchair’s frame, so the chair is very durable while offering lightweight portability. The wheels’ polyurethane and rubber design offer a smoother ride and shock absorption. The brush-less motors include two high-performance hub motors, combined with the anti-tip wheels to allow safe incline and drive on steep hills. The battery is long-lasting with materials that contain lithium-ion phosphate, 130-watt hours capacity, and 24V DC output. The product should be durable, and customers can take advantage of the two-year warranty to ensure the power wheelchair is in top shape.


The Air Hawk is one of your best options for lightweight, portable power wheelchairs. You can’t go wrong with an affordable cost for a lightweight product that includes extra features that give you inclusivity and independence. Take full control of your mobility without assistance, and transport your power wheelchair wherever you need it, all on your own. Take it on the plane, store it comfortably in your home, and freely take your Air Hawk wherever life takes you.

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