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Medicare Part D

Choosing between eating or buying needed medication: it’s a story told all too often, especially among the elderly. In some cases, faced with a choice between paying the electric bill or buying their medication, they turn the heat down and put an extra blanket over their legs. They cut their pills in halves or thirds. And they hope it will get them through. For people with little money and no prescription drug coverage, this is an all-too-common reality.

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Seniors Living in the Red

Debt is as American as baseball and apple pie. While millennials are shouldering a load today that is beyond what’s ever been seen before, many Baby Boomers are also feeling the pain. They are continuing to battle debt well in their senior years…which makes for a host of problems down the road.

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Complete Guide for Veteran Seniors

As of 2015, there were 9.3 million armed services veterans of retirement age. While there are still over a million Korean War veterans and close to a million veterans of WWII alive today, the bulk of today’s retired veterans served in the Vietnam era—with 4.8 million already retired, and another 1.6 million reaching retirement age in the next ten years.

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