Author: Kelly Koeppel

AudioRange Review

AudioRange is a home technology company dedicated to producing high-quality, affordable products to enhance the TV viewing experience for anyone who has suffered hearing loss. Designed with seniors in mind, AudioRange’s line of TV listening devices stand out for ease of use and provide the volume and tone control needed to improve TV audio for those with hearing impairment specifically.

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AudioRange ITE-1000 Wireless TV Headphones Review

Whether you’re a senior with hearing loss, or simply do not like traditional headphones, the ITE-1000 In-Ear Wireless TV Headphones are a wise investment. The ITE-1000 comes in two package options, Solo (one In-Ear TV Headphone) and Duo (two In-Ear TV Headphones sets).

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TV Ears Review

If you or a loved one has age-related hearing loss, it can be challenging to watch your favorite television shows or listen to music. Many people may turn the volume up; however, this can disturb family and friends around doing other activities. Learn more through our TV Ears review.

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